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Almost Everything You Have Been Told About Homeschool Transcripts Is Wrong!

If you’ve been homeschooling for any amount of time, I’m sure you have gotten an earful of advice from experts, accreditation agencies, and alternative education programs on what you should do about high school. 
The problem with all the well-intended advice is it usually comes from biased sources.  Just take a look at the ads on homeschooling websites.  If you click on some, you will likely be taken to websites for software, virtual schools, accreditation agencies, or thinly veiled public school programs using online access to get to your child.  All will promise a solution to your transcript problem.
But there is only one thing I can guarantee you will get from ALL of these groups – GRIEF!
Grief in the form of inflexible requirements, "we know better than you" judgments, and limiting options. These "professionals” will put your student in a box, and hamstring you, your child’s best teacher.   They will judge you, and evaluate your children against societal norms because, in the end…they DON’T TRUST YOUR JUDGMENT!
In the past, homeschoolers like us had little choice but to submit ourselves to these groups and their judgments, their rules, their limitations if we wanted a chance to get our child admitted to the college or university of their dreams. 
That is, until now...

YES!  You Can Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home!

I am so excited to offer you my four step Total Transcript Solution, which explains everything you need to know to create a homeschool transcript that perfectly reflects your student and your homeschool, whether it is classical, unschooled or an all-over-the-board eclectic mix. You can translate ANY wonderful educational experience into grades and credits on your own official homeschool transcript.

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, you will relax in freedom and confidence, knowing your official homeschool transcript is the perfect representation of your best homeschool work and your complete student.

Don’t Take My Word For It...

"Your transcripts and records were the best organized and documented I have seen"

Bryan Jones

Associate Director of Admissions, Seattle Pacific University

"My daughter was not only accepted to the one and only school she applied, but she was offered the highest scholarship they award and invited to join the honors program. While in the parent's meeting on of the administators praised the transcript we sent in. They said it was the best one they had see, and that perhaps I should teach a class. I thought, "teach a class, no, I took a class and my teacher was Lee Binz!"

Aleyne Brown in Maine

"For nearly a decade, Lee Binz has specialized in helping home educating families plan their studies, keep good records, and maintain transcripts suitable for college acceptance. She knows how to navigate this often confusing or frustrating labyrinth better than anyone."

Andrew Pudewa

Homeschool Father and Director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing

Here's Exactly What You'll Get From
The HomeScholar
Total Transcript Solution

  • Step 1: Making a Transcript – Downloadable MP3 and Handouts
  • Step 2: The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts E-Book – Downloadable PDF
  • Step 3: Transcript Template Collection – Downloadable Word and Excel Documents (Including The HomeScholar Transcript by Subject and by Year - I used this one to win those HUGE scholarships!)
  • Step 4: One Free 20 Minute Consultation with Document Review- Private phone 
    consultation to get all your questions answered
  • Bonus 1: The HomeScholar Audio Course Deluxe: High School Testing – Downloadable MP3 and Handouts
  • Bonus 2: The HomeScholar High School Resource Pack – Downloadable PDFs
  • Bonus 3: Special Report: 7 Secrets to Homeschooling Through a Financial Storm – Downloadable PDF
  • Bonus 4: Free 30 day trial subscription to The HomeScholar Silver Training Club (then $27/month and I can cancel at anytime)
  • Special Surprise Bonuses delivered by email after purchase

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I look forward to personally guiding you in creating your beautiful and 100% accurate transcript that colleges will love!


Lee Binz